Rise of the...

Session 1: Caravan of Terror!

At noon on midsummer's day, a varied group of citizens awaited the arrival of a caravan on the eastern approaches to [[Hardin's Rest]].

Orianna Frostbeard, a dwarven fighter, leaned on her greataxe and awaited a message from her superior officers in the Grantie Brigade. Jensen Galondel, a half-elven rogue, kept a low profile as he prepared to case the caravan for any goods of interest to the Thieves Guild.  In a nearby creek, Ka Loquat froliced in the water while awaiting the arrival of a package he had ordered from afar, a wand that will help him develop his magical abilities.

The caravan arrived late — and under attack! Goblins have appeared aboveground for the first time in centuries. This throws the citizenry into a panic. The bored and officious customs agent, Derrick Deagan, fled back into the customs house while the three more adventurous types took to the field. As they engaged the goblins, a mysterious and tiny figure emerged from the woods: a gnome named Aluefeen, a druid who had been tracking these goblins through her forest. 

After fighting off two waves of these pillagers, and saving two of three merchants fleeing the goblins' crude stone axes, the characters were victorious! Aluefeen faded back into the woods, Jensen discovered some unbroken casks of ale that fit his agenda, and Orianna tried unsuccesfully to get some money for saving the caravan. The customs agent was flustered because there's nothing in the rules to cover such a situation, so was unable to authorize payment — however, he did gladly pay Ka Loquat to fix the cart with several Mending spells. He also became very deferential to this noble elf, clearly wanting to look to an authority figure in this confusion. 

After some investigation turned up little of interest but two 'shitty stone axes' as Orianna put it, as well as a small necklace on one of the golbins that Jensen found, a small stone on a string, with a faded rune. As Loquat led the rest to a nearby pub for a celebratory beverage, Aluefenn watched from just inside the woods. A friendly squirrel ran up and chittered at her, pointing her attention to one of the stone axes. Here too, the faded rune appeared…


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